Reports API v2021-06-30 Use Case Guide

How get reports from Amazon to help selling partners manage their business.

API Version: 2021-06-30

What is the Reports API?

Use the Selling Partner API for Reports (Reports API), to build applications that get reports from Amazon to help selling partners manage their business. The API provides reports for a variety of use cases including: monitoring inventory, tracking orders for fulfillment, getting tax information, tracking returns and seller performance, managing a selling business with Fulfillment by Amazon, and more. Refer to the Reports API Reference for details about Reports API operations and associated data types and schemas. Refer to reportType values for the available report types.

The three principal workflows for generating reports are requesting a report, scheduling a report, and retrieving automatically generated reports.

Requesting a report

You can request any available report type on demand by using the createReport operation. Refer to Tutorial: Request a report for instructions.

Scheduling a report

You can have Amazon automatically submit report requests on a schedule using the createReportSchedule operation. Refer to Tutorial: Schedule and retrieve reports for instructions.

Retrieving automatically generated reports

Amazon generates some reports automatically. Refer to Tutorial: Retrieve automatically generated reports for instructions for retrieving those automatically generated reports.


  • S3 pre-signed URL. A URL for an Amazon S3 bucket from which you can download an object without AWS security credentials or permissions.