SP-API registration overview

This topic describes how to register as a SP-API developer.

You must register as a Selling Partner API developer before you can register your Selling Partner API application. For a demo of developer registration and a walkthrough of Seller Central, refer to the Register as an SP-API Developer video on SP-API Developer University.

The procedure for registering as a developer varies slightly depending on the type of application that you plan to create:

Only Professional Selling Accounts can register to develop or integrate with Selling Partner API. Individual accounts are not eligible. You can upgrade your account to a professional plan at any time.

You must be a primary account user to complete registration.



Beginning April 2022, public and private applications are subject to authorization limits and restrictions. For more information, refer to Authorization Limits

For more information, refer to Terminology, or watch the Getting Started videos.

Registration recommendations



If you are denied access, do not reopen the old case. Update your Developer Profile and resubmit it after addressing any missing or incomplete security controls.
Do not select Close this case after submitting your Developer Profile, or before your assessment has been completed. If you need to make changes to your Developer Profile after submitting it, you can choose Reply and then provide details about the updates that you need to make.