Information about how to use the SP-API documentation site, and quick links for SP-API content.

Welcome to the Selling Partner API Documentation site. Here you can find multiple resources for migrating to and integrating with Selling Partner API.

This site is for developers who want to create applications for selling partners (applications for sellers, vendors, or both).

Sections in this site that apply only to applications for sellers are marked, "for seller applications only". Sections that apply only to applications for vendors are marked, "for vendor applications only".

All other sections apply to all selling partner applications.


Looking for information about migrating from Amazon MWS (MWS) to Selling Partner API (SP-API)?

Start with the SP-API Migration Hub, then check out the Amazon MWS to SP-API Migration Guide and the SP-API Migration FAQ.

Quick links

  • Documentation - User guides, API references, models, technical papers, and use case guides.
  • Announcements - News for API releases, deprecation and changes, new blog posts, general updates.
  • Release Notes - Record of changes to APIs, reports, feeds, and notifications in chronological order.
  • Models - Index of all SP-API models with links to reference docs and swagger models on GitHub.
  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions on SP-API migration, errors, general topics, and topics specifically for vendors.
  • Blog - Guidance from Selling Partner API experts for Selling Partner API applications.
  • GitHub - This repository contains SP-API code artifacts, including Swagger models, client libraries, and JSON schemas.
  • Videos - Educational content designed to help developers successfully integrate and build with Amazon's Selling Partner APIs.


Looking for vendor content?

Start with the SP-API Models page to identify the APIs that apply to vendors, then visit the corresponding documentation and FAQs.


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