Cost estimate for Amazon Selling Partner API Guard

You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used while running Selling Partner API Guard, and it varies based on your company’s AWS usage and each service’s cost structure. We keep the overall cost of running Selling Partner API Guard low by using sampling and time-bound jobs. For instance, rather than scanning your Amazon S3 buckets in entirety, Selling Partner API Guard looks for unencrypted buckets and then performs a sample scan to see if there is sensitive unencrypted data in those buckets.

As of October 2022, the cost for using Selling Partner API Guard with all scan rules activated in the US East (N. Virginia) is less than $500.

AWS serviceCost rangeNotes
AWS Security Hub$0-$20
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) / Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)$0-$10Cost for up to one month
Infrastructure (Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon EventBridge)<$10
Amazon Macie$0-$300Scan a sample of data in unencrypted data storage up to 300GB worth of Macie service
Amazon GuardDuty0-$100Run GuardDuty for 24 hours or until $100, whichever is reached first
Amazon Inspector$0-$10
AWS Config$0-$10
AWS Identity and Access Management Access Analyzer$0No additional cost to Security Hub charges
Total cost per scan<$500For any service you are using for the first time, the trial will be free so total cost the first scan will be close to $0