Using Postman for Selling Partner API models

Import an SP-API model into Postman

  1. Go to the Selling Partner API Model’s page.
  2. Navigate to the API you want to download, then click on the clipboard icon to copy the model.
  3. Open a text editor (such as Notepad) and paste the model text. Then save the file.
  4. Open Postman and import your saved .json file.

Importing video thumbnailImporting video thumbnail

Generate an LWA Access Token using Postman

  • Make a POST call to
  • Click the Body tab, select x-www-form-urlencoded and add the grant type, refresh token, client_id and client_secret values. You can get the client_id and client_secret after you register your app.
  • Click Send.

The response returns the Access Token that you can use to authenticate yourself for SP-API.

LWA Access Token thumbnailLWA Access Token thumbnail

Generate temporary credentials using AWS STS

This step is required if your application ID is associated with an IAM role.

  • Make a GET call to (
  • Add /?Version=2011-06-15&Action=AssumeRole&RoleSessionName=Test&RoleArn=ARN &DurationSeconds=3600 to the request or use the Params tab to add these values.
  • On the Authorization tab, add your AWS AccessKey, AWS SecretKey, AWS Region, and make sure the Service Name is “sts”.

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Make a call to an SP-API endpoint

For example: you can make a GET call to from the Seller API.

  1. Import sellers.json to create the Sellers API postman collection.
  2. Choose get Marketplace Participations.
  3. On the Authorizations tab, add the AccessKey, Secretkey, and AWS Region.
  4. Add the ServiceName as execute-api.
  5. On the Headers tab, add the x-amz-access-token value that you received from the step "Generate an LWA Access Token using Postman" to successfully make the call.

Make a call to endpoint thumbnailMake a call to endpoint thumbnail

Make a call to a Sandbox endpoint

  • See the SP-API Sandbox endpoints in the Selling Partner API Developer Guide.
  • Calling the SP-API Sandbox endpoints are similar to making an SP-API call. The endpoint is different for Sandbox and data will be returned matching the response of sandbox object for that API if all required parameters are added and the request is valid.

Make a call to sandbox thumbnailMake a call to sandbox thumbnail

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