September 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

Listings Items API pack hierarchy attributes are now available in US, EU, and JP

FBA Small and Light program deprecation

The FBA Small and Light (SnL) program is being replaced by a low-price FBA fee rate card.

ListPrice attribute required for additional product types

On May 31, 2023, we announced that Amazon will require the ListPrice attribute across 1,000 product types (PTs).

New blog post! Selling Partner OAuth 2.0 workflows: understand and optimize your OAuth integration

Explains two ways to implement OAuth integration workflows.

August 2023 SP-API Release Announcement

Introducing code samples on the developer documentation site

TLS versions 1.1 and earlier are deprecated

Starting September 30, 2023, URLs received from the following operations for all versions of the Feeds and Reports APIs will no longer support TLS 1.0/1.1:

New blog post! Map Merchant Fulfillment API, Orders API, and Reports API from MWS to SP-API

Provides detailed mapping of API endpoints for Merchant Fulfillment API, Orders API, and Reports API for reference during migration from MWS to SP-API.

Orders older than two years will be automatically archived in NA and EU marketplaces

Starting September 2023, Amazon will archive any order that is older than two years. This process of archiving orders will occur automatically on a monthly basis.

Notification of upcoming product type (PT) availability

As of July 26, 2023, 1,604 product types supported by XML and flat-file feeds are now available to sellers using the Listings API worldwide (excluding IN) for Hardlines, Softlines, and Consumables. We now have 90% product type coverage. All remaining product types will be available on the Listings API by September 30, 2023.

Notice of increase in mandatory attributes for select product types

We previously announced the requirement, which goes into effect August 16th, to enter attribute information for 25 attributes across 52 product types in the announcement Notification of mandatory attributes for select product types. In September, we will require 274 attributes across 200 product types.