Invoice compliance

VAT Calculation Service invoice compliance

VAT invoices must comply with applicable laws. At minimum you must include the following information on the invoice:

  • Registered company name and address of the seller

  • VAT identification number of the seller (if applicable)

  • Complete official name and address of the customer

  • VAT identification number of the customer

    • This is only necessary if the customer is responsible for the tax in the purchase order (for example, for intra-community delivery or reverse charge procedures).

    • This number is provided in the VIDR.

  • Invoice date/service date

  • Invoice number

  • Order date

  • Product name

  • Purchase quantity

  • Unit price of the item (without VAT)

  • VAT rate applied

  • Discounts/promotions, if not included in the unit price

  • VAT amount

  • Citation

Sample invoice

The format of the sample invoice above is only for guidance. You can choose the format, logo, etc. Follow these best practices for a positive customer experience and a trouble-free process:

  1. Do not include bank details, to avoid direct bank transfers to you.

  2. Do not include payment status, such as paid/not paid.

  3. Provide order-related fields (for example, order number, product category, Purchase Order number, etc.)

For further information, contact your tax advisor.