Verify that the report processing is complete

How get reports from Amazon to help selling partners manage their business.

API Version: 2021-06-30

After you call the createReport operation, Amazon receives the request and begins processing the report. You must then confirm that processing has completed before you continue.

Periodically call the getReport operation, passing the reportId value from the previous step, until the processingStatus value in the response indicates that processing has ended. Processing will have ended when the processingStatus equals CANCELLED, DONE or FATAL. At this point the response includes a reportDocumentId value if there is report data available.

Here are the processingStatus values that confirm that processing has ended:

  • CANCELLED - The report was cancelled. There are two ways a report can be cancelled: an explicit cancellation request before the report starts processing, or an automatic cancellation if there is no data to return.

  • DONE - The report has completed processing and a reportDocumentId is available.

  • FATAL - The report was stopped due to a fatal error and a reportDocumentId may be present. If present, the report represented by the reportDocumentId may explain why the report processing ended.

The following processingStatus values indicate that processing has not ended, and you should continue to call the getReport operation until the operation returns a processingStatus of CANCELLED, DONE or FATAL.

  • IN_PROGRESS - The report is being processed.

  • IN_QUEUE - The report has not yet started processing. It may be waiting for another IN_PROGRESS report.

Note: The getReport operation only serves information for on-demand or scheduled report requests that were created within the last 90 days.

Path parameter:

reportIdThe identifier for the report. This identifier is unique only in combination with a seller ID.

Type: string


Request example:



A successful response includes the following:

payloadThe payload for the getReport operation.Report

Response example

  "payload": {
    "reportId": "ID323",
    "dataStartTime": "2019-12-11T13:47:20.677Z",
    "dataEndTime": "2019-12-12T13:47:20.677Z",
    "createdTime": "2019-12-10T13:47:20.677Z",
    "processingStatus": "DONE",
    "processingStartTime": "2019-12-10T13:47:20.677Z",
    "processingEndTime": "2019-12-12T13:47:20.677Z",
    "reportDocumentId": "DOC-b8b0-4226-b4b9-0ee058ea5760"