Hybrid Selling Partner API applications

How to create hybrid apps in SP-API.

For seller applications only

A hybrid Selling Partner API application is an application that can make calls both to the Selling Partner API and to Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS). Use a hybrid application when your solution requires functionality from both services. When a selling partner authorizes your hybrid Selling Partner API application, they are (1) authorizing your Amazon MWS developer ID to make calls to Amazon MWS on their behalf, and (2) authorizing the application to make calls to the Selling Partner API on their behalf.

Amazon considers a hybrid application to be a single application. For example, when you publish a hybrid application to the Selling Partner Appstore, you manage it as a single application.

To create a hybrid application

Note: Application registration is an irreversible process that changes the authorization model. If you are updating a hybrid application, make sure that you have implemented OAuth authorization before registering your application. See the Authorization API Use Case Guide for more information.

  1. If you have an existing Amazon MWS Application or Authorization, publish it to the Selling Partner Appstore. For information about publishing your application, see Amazon Selling Partner Appstore Listing Guide in the Amazon MWS documentation.

  2. Sign into Seller Central using your developer credentials and navigate to Develop Apps.

  3. Next to your Amazon MWS application, choose Edit app.

  4. On the Developer Central page, follow the instructions to register your application.

After creating a hybrid application you can:

  1. Set up and test an OAuth authorization workflow. For more information, see Authorizing Selling Partner API applications.

  2. Migrate existing Amazon MWS authorizations to your hybrid Selling Partner API application. For more information, see the Authorization API use case guide.