Product Tax Code (PTC)

VAT Calculation Service product tax code

Seller can provide a default Product Tax Code (PTC) during l. This PTC will be used for VAT calculation on all offers. However, if the seller wants to create some offers with a different tax code, this can be overridden at the SKU level using feeds. A new ProductTaxCode attribute has been added to Product.xsd (XML), the Inventory Loader, the Listing Loader, and the category-specific flat files, all of which are available in Seller Central.

Sending the Product Tax Code in feeds is optional and its possible valid values are listed in the category flat files.

The following is an example in XML. The element's name is ProductTaxCode.

            <Title>MyBrand – Women Summer Sandals 35 C (M) EU/ 4 B(M) US Black</Title>

The following image is a flat file example. The column's name is product_tax_code.