Prerequisites for Amazon's VAT Calculation Service

Sellers using VCS must fulfill the following prerequisite in Seller Central before using this guide.

Enroll in the VAT Calculation Services (VCS) program

  1. Go to the Enroll in the VAT Calculation Service page in the Seller Central.

Note: The I will upload my own VAT invoices option is only available for sellers who work with solution providers that have implemented the invoice upload feed type.

  1. Enter your VAT registration numbers.

  2. Enter your default ship-from address for seller-fulfilled orders.

  3. Enter the default Product Tax Code (PTC) for your products. In the absence of PTCs for offers, Amazon uses the default PTC to calculate VAT. For more information about the EU and UK PTCs and VAT rates, refer to VAT Rates and My PTCs in the Seller Central Help.

  4. Choose an invoicing option to either upload your own invoices or let Amazon create invoices on your behalf. Note that you will only see the option to upload your own invoices if your third-party developer has implemented the VAT calculation service as described in this guide.

  5. Choose an activation date for Amazon to begin calculating and displaying VAT exclusive prices. If you chose the Amazon invoicing option, this is the date on which Amazon will begin creating invoices for all shipments. If you chose the self-invoicing option, this is also the date that you are expected to begin uploading invoices for every shipment.