Onboarding Step 1: Submit your Developer profile request

Submission of developer profile request involves four steps processes.

  1. Create an Amazon Business account.
  2. Share your Amazon Business account's directID to [email protected]. The subject should be "AB API onboarding request - Your name''. Example: AB API onboarding request - John Doe.
  3. Create a Developer profile.
  4. Submit a Developer Registration Access Form (DRAF).

Create an Amazon Business account

Create an Amazon Business account for the desired Amazon Business store before registering an integrated API.

RegionCountryAmazon Business store URL
EUUnited Kingdombusiness.amazon.co.uk


For Amazon Business JP store, you'll need to create a retail account in US to access the Developer Central.

Share your account’s directed ID with Amazon Business API’s Technical Point of Contact (PoC)

To find your account’s directed ID, log in to the Amazon Business account site for your region.

Enter https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile as the URL. The URL will change to https://www.amazon.com/gp/profile/<DirectedId>, as shown in the image here.


Set up the account with a generic email address, one that is shared with multiple users, if possible. An Amazon Business API Technical PoC will activate your Developer Central account. You'll receive an email communication when your account is provisioned. After successful account provision, proceed to Create a developer profile.

Create a developer profile

  1. Sign in to Developer Central.
  1. Select Choose an initial Merchant and Marketplace.
  2. Select the marketplace where you want to launch the integration.
  3. Select Proceed to Developer Profile.

Submit a Developer Registration Access Form (DRAF)

  1. Complete the form.
  2. After completion of the form, select Register.

Amazon Business will evaluate the information and approve or deny your request. If denied, you can address the reason for the denial and then resubmit your developer profile.


You'll receive notification on your profile approval through Developer Central. Refer to the FAQs to view the roles and the APIs mapped to them.