Onboarding Step 3: Create app client in Developer Central

Before you proceed in this section, make sure you've completed Onboarding Step 1: Submit your Developer Profile Request and Onboarding Step 2: Creating and configuring IAM policies and entities.

Create your app client

  1. Sign in to Developer Central using your Amazon Business account credentials. Developer Central displays the option to create App client.
  1. Select Add new app client. The app registration displays.


Important! OAuth login URI should match the login URL.

The OAuth login URI should match the login URL for any of the publicly available websites of your organization. The OAuth Redirect URI should match the URL that users will be redirected to after providing the consent to use the Amazon Business Account.

  1. Enter your information to proceed with App registration.
  2. Select Save and exit. Your app appears in your developer profile.
  1. Select View under LWA credentials for the application(s) listed. The Login With Amazon (LWA) client identifier and client secret for that application appears.
  2. Use these credentials to retrieve the LWA tokens that facilitate the API request. Refer to Connect with Amazon Business API on how to use generated credentials for making an API call.