August 2023 - API and documentation updates

Product Search API has been enhanced with two features. Refer to 2023 August release notes.
The content on Amazon Business Developer Hub is now available in Japanese language. Two guides, Product Search API customer experience guidelines and Integrated Quoting workflow, have been updated. Refer to Documentation updates.

Important! Rotate your LWA client secret for all apps every 180 days

By October 31, Amazon Business Developers must rotate their applications (apps) Login With Amazon (LWA) credentials (client secret). Rotation of the LWA client secret is required every 180 days thereafter. Your LWA client secret will stop working after 180 days, causing the app to lose access to Amazon Business APIs. This includes the inability to make successful API calls, which may directly impact any customers who authorized your app.

June 2023 - API and documentation updates

We launched the Amazon Business Ordering API in EU and FE regions and enhanced our Reporting API. Refer to June 2023 release notes.
We added an onboarding guide for Integrated Quoting Workflow, updated one App Center guide and three API onboarding guides. Refer to Documentation updates.

April 2023 - API and documentation updates

We launched our Ordering API in Amazon Business US and CA. We enhanced our Product Search API, Reporting API, and UserManagement API since the last release. Refer to April 2023 release notes.
We added an onboarding guide for Ordering API and updated one App Center guide. Refer to Documentation updates.

February 2023 - API and documentation updates

Two Amazon Business APIs now support NA region. Refer to February 2023 release notes. A use case for Document API and a new guide for Amazon Business App Center are added to our documentation site. The site now has a dark mode feature. Refer to Documentation updates.

December 2022 - API and documentation updates

We enhanced two features and added a new field in Product Search API. The Document API has a new feature, and now supports Amazon Business JP marketplace. The enum values in Reporting API now has descriptions. Refer to December 2022 release notes.
We added RSS feed capability on the documentation site, two onboarding guides for Amazon Business App Center, customer experience guidelines, and API onboarding guides in JP language. The release notes are now on the landing page. Refer to Documentation updates.

September 2022 - API and documentation updates

We enhanced the Product Search, Reporting, and Reconciliation APIs with new fields and two bug fixes since the last release. We also changed the onboarding process for Product Search API, making it consistent with all other Amazon Business APIs. Refer to September 2022 release notes.

August 2022 - API updates

shippingRegion is added as an optional query parameter in the Product Search API. Refer to August 2022 release notes.

July 2022 - API updates

Product Search API now includes a featuredOffer object while Reporting API has seller object and deliveryInformation object. Refer to July 2022 release notes.

Launch announcement - Amazon Business Developer hub

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for Amazon Business! On this site, you will find the latest, comprehensive guides to connect to Amazon Business APIs. You will also be able to discover all the API swagger models and download them to build innovative integrations for business customers.