Onboarding overview

This overview details the onboarding process for Amazon Business APIs.

To access Amazon Business APIs, you'll need an Amazon Business account. If you don't have a business account, visit the Amazon Business website to create one.

Amazon Business will use an external ID from your Amazon Business account to provision an account on Developer Central. Developer Central is a portal where you request access for Amazon Business APIs and create applications. After account is provisioned, Amazon Business will respond back on your original email.

Once on Developer Central, you're required to create a developer profile. Part of the developer profile form submission is to select a role. This role is mapped to the API that you're requesting access to. Refer to Amazon Business Roles to view the list of Amazon Business roles and the corresponding APIs.

Upon receiving the developer profile request, Amazon Business will evaluate your information and determine the next steps. Amazon Business might ask you for additional details. If your answers satisfy our terms and conditions, your developer profile will be approved and created. The developer profile approval can take 1-5 weeks. The timing depends on the roles you requested.

While waiting for your developer profile approval, you can create and configure the Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies and entities needed to create applications in Developer Central. Once your developer profile is approved, you can create an application client in Developer Central using the IAM credentials. With this application, you can retrieve the Login With Amazon (LWA) credentials. LWA credentials are used to authorize the application.