Amazon Business roles

What is a role?

A role is the mechanism used by Amazon Business APIs to determine whether a developer or application has access to an operation or resource. As a developer, you must request and qualify for a role. Without a role, you are restricted to access the operations and resources grouped under that role. Roles protect access to personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data. Roles ensure developers have access only to required data.

RoleDescriptionAmazon Business stores
Business Product Catalog (Non-Restricted)*Used to search Amazon Business Catalog to find relevant products and their associated offers.

- products: Returns list of matching ASINS and the buybox offers for the keyword passed in API request.
- products/{productId}: Returns buybox winning offer for an ASIN
- offers: Returns list of offers for a specific ASIN
- getProductsByAsins: Returns buybox winning offer for a list of ASINs
Amazon Business Analytics (Restricted)Used to access Amazon Business Analytics Reports programmatically which are used to derive spend insights at different levels (user/organization/group), tracking orders.
Business Purchase Reconciliation (Restricted)Used to retrieve payment transactions for a given date range and keep accounting books up to date or create automated entries for employee reimbursement.

transaction: Returns a paginated list of business transactions with feed dates that fall within the date range that you specify.
User Management (Non-Restricted)Used to create user accounts for new to Amazon users in existing business accountsNA

Restricted means the role requires sensitive information which may include PII. You'll be required to provide additional information about your use of the data and your security controls. We need developers to conform to additional security checks at the time of onboarding.