Tutorial: Use the NDR Feedback API To Submit Non-Delivery Reports For Eligible Shipments

API Version: v2

This tutorial explains the NDR (Non-Delivery Report) Feedback API which allows shippers to submit Non-Delivery Reports for eligible shipments. This API also supports ndrActions such as Reschedule, Reattempt, and RTO (Return to Origin).

Note: This feature will only be available for India (IN) market now.


To successfully complete this tutorial, you must have the following prerequisites:

Submit NDR Feedback

The shipper has the capability to submit Non-Delivery Report (NDR) Feedback for eligible tracking IDs. When providing feedback, the shipper is required to specify an action, referred to as ndrAction, to be taken for the particular shipment. The available actions include Reschedule, Reattempt, and RTO (Return to Origin), and the shipper can choose one of these options:

  • If the shipper selects ndrAction as Reschedule, they must include a rescheduleDate, indicating the desired date for rescheduling the shipment delivery.
  • If the shipper opts for ndrAction as Reattempt, they are required to furnish additionalAddressNotes, providing supplementary details related to the delivery address of the shipment.
  • Alternatively, the shipper can choose RTO, signaling a decision to initiate a return to the origin.


Name Description Required

Tracking ID for the container for which tracking events are requested

Type: String


The type of NDR action shipper wants to take for a particular shipment



The date on which the Seller wants to reschedule shipment delivery, in ISO-8601 date/time format

Type: String


Additional information related to the delivery address of the shipment.

Type: String


Request example

  "trackingId": "1582657452914",
  "ndrAction": "RESCHEDULE",
  "ndrRequestData": {
    "rescheduleDate": "2024-01-08T13:29:26.824Z",
    "additionalAddressNotes": "Near circle"

Request header parameters

Name Description Required

Amazon shipping business to assume for this request. The default is AmazonShipping_IN

x-amzn-access-token Amazon shipping request token Yes


It returns No-Content Body with Http Status code as 204.

Sample API Request

POST https://sellingpartnerapi-eu.amazon.com/shipping/v2/ndrFeedback
x-amzn-shipping-business-id: AmazonShipping_IN
x-amz-access-token: Atza|IwEBIGorlXXX