March 2022 SP-API Release Announcement

Introducing our new Selling Partner API Blog

Today, we launch the new Selling Partner API blog site at The blog offers articles from Amazon Solution Architects and API experts covering a range of topics related to Selling Partner API. We hope you take a look and enjoy the new content!

Migration Hub page

Developers migrating from Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS) to Selling Partner API (SP-API) can now use the new Migration Hub page as a reference for important migration dates and resource center for all things related to migration.

This page is intended as a ‘one-stop’ resource page that you can bookmark and refer back to when needed. Any future updates to migration dates or details will be still be announced here and the Migration Hub page will also be updated.

Models in the GitHub Repository

Although we have moved our SP-API documentation site from GitHub; we wanted to let you know that we will be maintaining the API swagger models in the current Selling-Partner-API-Models GitHub repository and the SP-API documentation site.

There is no difference in the models between the two sites. We are maintaining the Selling-Partner-API-Models GitHub repository to ensure that those who clone or fork the repository can continue to do so without interruption.

Roles update

The Brand Analytics role is now open to both private and public Developers. This role allows you to access sales and performance data to help manage your Amazon Retail or Seller business. This includes Business Reports, Retail Analytics Reports, and Brand Analytics Reports available through the Reports API.

API Releases

Orders API and Orders section (Amazon MWS)

  • New BuyerRequestedCancel attribute for the getOrders operation provides selling partners visibility into when buyers request cancellation after the order has exited the Pending state.

Orders section (Amazon MWS)

  • The IsIBA attribute was previously made available in the Orders API for SP-API. This update extends the same attribute to the Orders section in Amazon MWS. The IsIBA attribute indicates when an item within the order was bought and re-sold by Amazon Business EU SARL.

Reports API

  • New Sales and Traffic Business Report helps provide data about Seller's sales performance and page traffic to help them manage their business and gain insights. This report provides data previously only available in the Seller Central Business Reports site and offers faster and easier access to business data, date and ASIN
    granularity, scheduling of automatic report delivery, and deeper business insights to help sellers optimize their business.

  • New Coupons Performance Report helps vendors optimize their promotions and adjust their advertising strategies.

  • New Vendor Inventory Health Report provides data about inventory and operational health metrics such as saleable on-hand units and vendor confirmation rate.

  • New Vendor Forecasting Report provides vendors with forward-looking mean, P70, P80, and P90 weekly customer demand forecasts.

  • New Vendor Traffic Report provides vendors with key retail traffic metrics such as detail page views.

  • New Vendor Sales Report provides vendors with key retail sales metrics such as ordered/shipped revenue and units.

We have also updated the Report Type values to include two reports types that are currently available with the Reports API.

Report Deprecations

As new versions of reports are made available, it is necessary to sunset previous versions of some reports because the newer version supersedes functionality in the previous version.

These reports are announcing deprecation and will be unavailable as of June 27, 2022.


Each of these reports has a new version or replacement report available. Please migrate to the new or replacement version for each deprecated report to prevent service disruption by June 27, 2022.

Deprecated reportReplacement report

API Deprecations

This is a reminder that deprecation for the Reports API v2020-09-04 and the Feeds API v2020-09-04 was announced when the 2021-06-30 versions were released in July 2021.

These two APIs will sunset on July 31, 2022 and calls will fail on August 1, 2022. Please migrate to the Reports API v2021-06-30 and the Feeds API v2021-06-30 to prevent service

Best regards,

The Selling Partner API team