January 2022 SP-API Release

We are looking forward to serving you new and improved products and services this year. Today, January, 19, 2022, is our first release of the year.

Introducing our new Selling Partner API documentation site

Today, we launch the new Selling Partner API documentation site at https://developer-docs.amazon.com/sp-api! Check out the new site for all of your SP-API documentation needs and bookmark your most referenced articles.

The new documentation site offers all English-language developer guides, API references, Use Case Guides, API swagger models, and other technical guides. Additionally, the site includes robust search functionality, the ability to submit feedback on each article, and a whole new look that improves readability.

We are also launching Release Notes for Selling Partner API on the new site!

English-language documentation currently available on GitHub will be replaced with links to the documentation on the new site over the next two weeks. All other language documentation available on GitHub will be maintained until we support additional languages on the new site. We'll let you know when other languages go live.

GitHub Issues will also remain active for you to ask questions to other developers. We will be adding Community features to the new site over time and will let you know when that functionality is available.

Manage Your App

Vendors can now view and interact with the applications they have authorized via the Manage Your App page in Vendor Central at https://vendorcentral.amazon.com/apps/manage. This page also provides the ability to authorize new developers and disable authorizations for vendor apps for all marketplaces.

Improved Contact Us

We have made improvements to the Contact Us form. The form now offers additional selections for the Subject to help route your question immediately to the correct Amazon team. New fields have been added to help provide necessary information when you submit the request to reduce the amount of back and forth before support personnel can start troubleshooting.

Migration Guide update

Developers migrating from Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS) to Selling Partner API (SP-API) can use the new and improved Amazon MWS to SP-API Migration Guide for reference. We've added a Migration Workflow overview, and improved the steps for Creating and configuring an IAM ARN, Converting your Amazon MWS app into a hybrid seller app, and Implementing that authorization workflow.

API Releases

Fulfillment Inbound

  • New error code PRODUCTASSURANCE_SAFETYDOCUMENTATION returned for non-compliant products that do not have safety compliance documentation. This error code is returned for the following operations:

Read more about this change on GitHub or Seller Central.

Orders API

  • New buyerTaxInformation attribute for the Turkey Marketplace. This attribute includes business tax information when the buyer is a business.

Notifications API

  • New Order Status Change notification is sent whenever there is a change in the status of order availability.

Reports API

  • New FBA Manage Inventory Health Report helps you manage your inventory better by providing a consolidated view across your sales (7, 30, 60, and 90 days), shipment statuses (working, received, and shipped), estimated storage and long-term storage fees, and aged and excess units. This report includes metrics across sales, inbound, estimated fees, and recommended actions.

  • New On Demand Stock Transfer Report that provides transaction level information like invoice value, invoice number, tax rate, and Goods and Services Tax Identification Numbers (GSTINs) for interstate movement transactions.

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