CarrierCode value required in shipment confirmations for BR, MX, CA, SG, AU, IN, JP marketplaces

Amazon will only accept shipment confirmation that includes a CarrierCode value for all seller-fulfilled orders using Bulk feeds, APIs, or integrations. This change goes into effect for the following marketplaces on these dates:

New blog post! Selling Partner API migration for private developers

This blog post offers guidance to private developers on how to migrate from MWS to SP-API.

Important: Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) End-of-Life Dates

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) will no longer be available after December 31, 2023.

New blog post! Manage your product listings lifecycle with Selling Partner API

The Selling Partner API has a suite of APIs that can simplify your product listing experience:

SP-API Throttling Adjustments

Effective August 31, 2022, we will be adjusting the rates across select API operations within the Catalog Items API, Product Fees API, and Product Pricing API. These adjustments will lower the rates of the 1x1 APIs. We encourage you to call the equivalent batch APIs for use cases requiring a higher volume of data.

Deprecation Notice: Suppressed listings reports and FBA Inventory reports

As a reminder, effective June 15, 2022, the _GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DEFECT_DATA_ and _LISTINGS_DEFECT_REPORT_XL_ reports will no longer be available in MWS or Selling Partner API. The replacement report _GET_MERCHANTS_LISTINGS_FYP_REPORT_ is currently available in MWS and SP-API. Please plan to move to this new report prior to June 15, 2022 if you wish to continue to access data about your suppressed listings.

May 2022 SP-API Release Announcement

Updated May 20, 2022 for minor correction to report type category


MWS and SP-API experienced anomalies on the notifications platform and the REPORT_PROCESSING_FINISHED notifications in the NA region may not have been delivered during 05/13 09:00 UTC to 05/13 12:15 UTC.

New DHL ship methods available for Buy Shipping effective May 9, 2022

Developers with applications that use the Merchant Fulfillment API should be aware that DHL ship methods are now available to selling partners in the EU marketplace. Selling partners may contact developers for support to set up DHL ship methods for their Amazon business, especially for Seller Fulfilled Prime and Buy Shipping.

Update to the FBA Quantity report for EU

Effective today, May 2, 2022, we are changing the _GET_FBA_MYI_ALL_INVENTORY_DATA_ and _GET_FBA_MYI_UNSUPPRESSED_INVENTORY_DATA_ report types for the Spain, UK, France, Germany, and Italy marketplaces.