XSDs available for Phase 3 of New Product Types and Template Changes

As previously announced, Amazon is launching new Product Types across XSDs worldwide.

The goal is to enhance product search and a simplify product overviews by providing key product information in a structured format at the top of product detail pages instead of unstructured bullet points. This will help customers read through the top product specifications, evaluate key differences between products, and make purchase decisions quicker.

This is the third and final communication for the third phase where the XSD files shared in the earlier communication will be made live on seller central.

Which marketplaces are affected?

This change applies to all marketplaces.

Who is affected?

Developers with applications that upload or update product listings using feeds based on the category-specific inventory file templates and XSDs are affected.

What action is required?

If you have an application that is affected by this change, be sure to adjust your application workflow on the category-specific file templates and XSD templates. Please note: the template links may be different for different marketplaces. We recommend you search Seller Central for updated templates in your marketplace.