Welcome to the new SP-API Documentation site

We're excited to launch this new documentation site for English Selling Partner API documentation.

There are several areas for you to explore:

  • Home is the main page and we encourage you to bookmark it for easy access to the site.
  • Documentation is where all the content lives; the SP-API Developer Guide, Roles Guide, Amazon MWS to SP-API Migration Guide, API References, Models, and Use Case Guides.
  • Announcements is where you are now. This page will be updated anytime we have news to share.
  • Release Notes will describe changes to APIs, reports, feeds, and notifications in chronological order.
  • Models lists all of the SP-API swagger models. These can also be found under Documentation but if you know which model you're looking for - you can use this page to go right to it.
  • FAQs answer the most frequently asked questions we receive from developers.

You can also use Search to quickly locate anything you're looking for on the site.


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We'd love to hear if you enjoy the new site. At the bottom of article pages, you can give us your vote and drop us a note.