Catalog Items v2022-04-01 updated to include additional attributes

What is changing?

The Catalog Items v2022-04-01 API has been updated to include several additional attributes in the summary to bring the Catalog Items API to parity with the Marketplace Web Services Catalog Items section.

Item Contributor and Item Contributor Role attributes

The ItemContributor attribute contains the individual's name and role.

The ItemContributorRole attribute is a generic property that defines the type of contributor and includes Actor, Artist, Author, Director, and Creator.

Example: an ItemContributor object for the book Pride and Prejudice could look like this:

  "role": {
    "displayName": "Author",
    "value": "author"
  "value": "Jane Austen"

Note: These values are not yet included in the attributes section of the API response. However, they will be available in the response in the future.

Other attributes added

The adultProduct, autographed, memorabilia, releaseDate, and tradeInEligible attributes have also been added to the summaries section.

Note: These values are typically provided for the listing and are not returned in the attributes section of the API response.

The street_date attribute will display in the attribute section of the response depending on the product type selected for the listing, and is the same as the releaseDate attribute.

Attributes always returned in the response

If the data is present within the ASIN, these attribute values will always be returned in the attributes section:

  • edition
  • episode_sequence
  • flavor
  • hand_orientation
  • number_of_items
  • runtime
  • runtime
  • scent
  • season_id
  • street_date
  • theatrical_release_date

Which marketplaces are affected?

This applies to all marketplaces.

Who is affected?

Developers with applications that upload and update product listings and use Catalog Items API v2022-04-01 are affected.

What action is required?

If you have an application that is affected by this change, be sure to update your application to consume the new attributes that are included in the response.