August 2022 SP-API Release Announcement

API Changes

Orders v0

Services v1

  • Added new getRangeSlotCapacity operation that provides capacity slots in a format similar to availability records.
  • Added new getFixedSlotCapacity operation that provides capacity in fixed-size slots.

Notification deprecation

The following notification is announcing deprecation and will be unavailable for both sellers and vendors as of February 10, 2023:

The replacement notification ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE is currently available in MWS and SP-API. The ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE notification includes a FulfillmentChannel property that allows you to filter order status change notifications based on whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon (AFN) or fulfilled by seller (MFN). Move to this notification prior to February 10, 2023 to continue to receive order status change notifications.

If you have an application that is affected by this change, ensure that your applications no longer use the deprecated notification after February 10, 2023.