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News for third-party developers of public applications.

Welcome to the SP-API Developer Newsletter. Here you can read about efforts to improve functionality and to drive discoverability for apps that help sellers and developers grow on Amazon.

August 2022 contents

  • Visit the Selling Partner Appstore to discover third-party apps
  • Recommended for you
  • MWS Migration and upcoming API section deprecation
  • Marketplace Expansion – Belgium
  • Amazon Accelerate 2022
  • Amazon Solution Partner Guard
  • Amazon Click & Collect In-Store now available in UK and Germany.
  • SP-API Blog
  • Amazon Business B2B - AnyOfferChangeNotification (AOCN) API enhancements update
  • Delivery to Amazon Pickup Points Enabled for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
  • Help your Sellers restore Featured Offer eligibility by setting competitive prices
  • Let's keep in touch

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Previous issues

ReleaseIn this Issue
April 2022• Support to Ukraine developers
• SP-API baselining launch announcement
• MWS Migration to SP-API
• Business Reports launch in SP-API
• Amazon Business B2B API suite now available to API developers
February 2022• Seller registration URLs for software partners
• Trending Apps feature
• Amazon Seller Central Partner Network Badge
• MWS Migration to SP-API updates
October 2021• Announcing Amazon Seller Central Partner Network unified site
• Sellers love your Enhanced Detail Pages (EDPs)
• Help your sellers increase their changes of becoming the Featured Offer!
• Disbursement Solutions Category Reminder
• Migration from MWS to SP-API Timeline Extension
June 2021• Unification of Marketplace Appstore and Service Network Provider
• Marketplace Appstore launched in Egypt Marketplace
• June 2021 API Release
• Upgrade your Detail Page
May 2021• Announcing Enhanced Detail Page!
March 2021• New feature - App Listing dashboard
• Marketplace Appstore launched in Sweden and Poland
• Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) program support
• New category - Disbursement Solutions
• New Marketplace Appstore and Selling Partner Network (SPN) Video Series