"Contact Us" option via Developer Central

"Contact Us" option - How to get help when needed.

"Contact Us" option via Developer Central

  • In July, Amazon launched Developer Support ‘Contact Us’ form and Case Manager on Developer Central. These features are now live and available to all Enterprise Developers and Multi-tenant Partners using Developer Central.

How it benefits the shippers and integrators?

  • The Developer Central ‘Contact Us’ form and Case Manager will allow Developers to submit support cases directly to Developer Central Support team, track responses, and review previously resolved issues via Developer Central UI.
  • Until now, Developer Central developers reached out their Amazon POCs (Account Managers, Solutions Architects, Biz Dev) via email or messages when faced with a technical query or API error.
  • This launch addresses a pain point for Developers to raise support tickets directly via Developer Central UI.

What is the Developer experience?

  • Once logged into Developer Central, Developers can click on Support (Figure 1) in the top navigation bar to go to the Submit a Support Case form.
  • Here, the Developer can select an issue category from the left pane (Figure 2), fill out required and optional fields in the form, attach screenshots/videos and click on ‘Send’ to create a Developer Support case.
  • Also, Developers can view all previously opened and resolved cases by clicking on Case Log on the top right corner of the screen, which opens the case lobby (Figure 3.) in a new browser tab.

Figure 1. Developer Central My Apps Page


Figure 2.


Figure 3. View submitted cases from ‘Case Log’